Realization #2

Gus and I just returned from our 4 mile walk.
We have been doing this regularly lately.
Today however, it struck me…
I have been talking a lot lately about vibrating at a higher level.
Knowing how it is more attractive and sends out a more positive vibe.
Tonight I realized that for all of the walks that Gus and I have taken in the same neighborhood,
on the same streets, on the same routes, that no one ever smiles or looks at me as we pass.
Often times, crossing the street when they see us coming.
We know this can't be Gus's fault.
Have you seen his face?
Since my grand life epiphany last Sunday.
Just seven days ago.
We have not gone on a single walk without people coming up to us and asking for Gus's name and breed.
On tonight's walk alone, we met Mrs. B and Cookie, too very friendly neighborhood dogs.
In my awareness, I can only think that it is because my face is lighter.
Perhaps less intimidating.
It is fascinating how we only focus on the pounds that weigh down our scale,
but rarely do we evaluate how heavy they are weighing down our hearts and minds.
I'm hoping everyone had a safe and relaxing weekend.
I also hope that as everyone begins the new week,
you think a little extra about how you are carrying your face.
If you feel it getting a little too heavy, smile.
It will lighten you right up!

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