An experience of a lifetime…

I have much that I want to say and should say and could say, but for now, all I’ve got is one simple word: gratitude.

I am so thankful to Richard and all of his team who not only chose me to be a part of this experience, but made it such a fun one. I am thankful to have gotten to work with the cast and make so many new friendships. It is rare to make so many new friends in such a short stint of time once you reach a certain age, but this experience really was like no other. I am thankful to my body, which although is very sore today, reminded me just how strong and powerful it can be when I show it the right amount of love. My endurance is up and I feel like I am in my twenties again. I have lost over 40 pounds and it takes a lot more than stairs and Aretha Franklin’s Think to make me winded. And most of all, I am thankful for my friends. From Shannon’s flowers to all of the notes and sincere smiles I have received over the last 6 weeks congratulating me and supporting me, I’ve danced every step to make you proud. The DVD will be out in December. We shoot the infomercial tomorrow. In just a few months I will be sweating with you in your living rooms. It is unbelievable and I am grateful.

Thank you everyone for sharing this extraordinary experience with me.

I’m off to get a massage.