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Chef Ludo

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So You Think You Can Dance. Dance. Dance. My story.

I have watched every episode of this show since season one.
It amazes me how it gets me excited season after season.
This was my first taping.
And I got to meet some of my all time faves.
If this still counts as my birthday week, I never want it to end.
Did you see the NappyTabs routine with Alex and Twitch?
One of the best in SYTYCD history!
Speaking of NappyTabs, they were on my flight home from Vegas on Monday.
I found it inappropriate to chat them up at the airport and even more so as they sat two rows away.
But tonight, I couldn't help but gush to Tabitha.
Did you see the routine? Seriously.
I am so glad I did.
Not only is she an awesome choreographer, but super sweet.
And by sheer coincidence, tonight's show featured Deborah's version of "Let Me Entertain You".
It was a proud moment as a friend. An exciting moment as a fan.
Speaking of friends, I have my eyes set on Cat Deeley.
I just want to drink wine and laugh with her.
She is stunning up close.
Mia Michaels commands all of the presence and respect you would think.
I could see having a lot of fun with her.
Pasha and Twitch? They could be renamed sweet and lovely.
Lauren? A total delight.
Many special thanks to my friend Sunja for taking such good care of us tonight.
To Adam Shankman for having the sense to take such good care of Sunja that she could take such good care of us.
And to my friend Mandy for making me the happiest plus one today.
I can't even say for the week, because did you hear about my Sunday?
What a week. What a month. What a birthday. What a fabulous time to be me.
Remind me of this capsule of time if you ever hear me whiny or depressed!

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