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Natalie Maines, “Mother”

  If the NFL can forgive that Vick guy for the atrocities he did with those dogs, I think it is time everyone move WAY beyond those 7 little words Natalie said nearly ten years ago. If for some reason you can’t, you ...


Gwyneth Paltrow with Julia Turshen, “It’s All Good”

  One of my favorite people I became friends with last summer while I was on location working on Iron Man 3, was Julia Turshen. It is rare when someone says, “I can’t wait for you to meet this person, you are g...


Ross Mathews, “Man Up!”

  He’s sweet. He’s funny. And don’t let his falsetto fool you, he can get as down and dirty as the truck driver next door. Such a fun read. Perfect for your beach bag. Click on the cover to purchase your ...


Julia Sweeney, “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother”

“I took so long to assemble my lovely family. If only they would disappear.” While Julia Sweeney is known as a talented comedienne and writer and performer of her one-woman shows, she is also a talented essayist. Happily fo...


Tyler Hilton, “Forget The Storm (Deluxe)”

I may be slightly biased because he looks like one of my all time favorites Mr. Chris Isaak. Or it could be because I stuck with every season of One Tree Hill, even when they jumped over more than one shark. But I swear it is b...


Dave Tucker, “In Kind”

One of my favorite new discoveries of 2013. Support a great indie artist by downloading from iTunes here. You’ll want “Cocoa Butter Baby” in your Summer Playlist!  

KS_BeautifulPain_AlbumCover_Final copy

Keaton Simons, “Beautiful Pain”

  We are almost halfway through 2013 and I can honestly say this is the first album of the year that I have had on repeat as well as the rare find these days- an album that you play from front to end. Click Here to purch...


Belinda Carlisle, “Sun”

Belinda Carlisle, Sun It’s Belinda’s first pop song in way too many years and it shows why we need more from her! Another great one for your Summer playlist. Click on the album cover to download from iTunes.

Nellie Oleson

Alison Arngrim, “Confessions Of A Prairie Bitch”

Witty. Delicious. Nostalgic. An absolutely fun read from Alison Arngrim, who will forever be known in our hearts as Nellie Oleson. Click Here to order your copy from