Archived Shows

Long before I found my way to an actual radio station, I started this little show from my kitchen. Below is every episode I did from my kitchen and I have to say, that while the sound quality isn’t always the best, I am very proud of how much I accomplished!

All of the 2 years and 89 episodes below are available on iTunes by CLICKING HERE.

Jake Walden Shane Mack Sizzle Says Katie Thompson
Ashley Arrison Autumn McEntire
Big Brother Alumni
Tiffany Melissa Peterman Lance Bass Anna Faris
Travis Wall Willa Ford The Iveys
Fred Shafer & Autumn McEntire
Darci Monet BB11’s Jeff and Jordan Julie Brown Debbie Gibson
Jaron Lowenstein Octavia Spencer Katie Cook Elizabeth Mitchell
Alec Mapa Holiday memories with Sizzle
Wine Country with Aunt Heidi
Ashley Arrison
Jane Wiedlin Tiffany Melissa Peterman
Big Kenny
Chris Kirkpatrick Laura Crosby Shondrella Avery Sh*tt*ng Gl*tter
Jeff Timmons Steven Daigle Jake Walden Brandon Beemer
Jennifer Elise Cox Thomas Ian Nicholas Nate Fowler Lydia Tavera
Lost Finale and Spirituality Jeff & Jordan & 1 Year Anniversary
1 year retrospective
Ashley Arrison
Ross Mathews Dave Holmes Robert Rave Elaine Hendrix

The Iveys
Madison Cain Josh Kilmer-Purcell Homecoming
Black Gold Ashley Arrison Songs of Summer 2010 Joey Fatone
Chad Allen Clint Pardoe Sherry Layne Romy Rosemont
Alonso Duralde Deven and Joel Kate Pazakis David Archuleta

Melissa Peterman & Lachlan Buchanan
Jake Walden Michael Buckley 100 Monkeys

Graham Colton
Shannon Elizabeth Fabulous Beekman Boys Sherry Layne

Dan Gheesling
BB11’s Jeff and Jordan Taylor Dayne
2 Year Anniversary Show

Zack Gonzalez & Shaun Hague

Joe Cross
Blu Sanders

Jennifer Gimenez

The Baub Show's Favorite Things