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Thanksgiving might be an American tradition, but enjoying a fabulous feast is universal, which is why we have Celebrity Chef Ludo Lefebvre and his wife Krissy joining us live in the studio to give us a French spin on some American favorites. UPDATE: Listen to the show here: [powerpress] or  CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast of this broadcast on UBN Radio.

About  Ludo Lefebvre, Celebrity Chef, Creator of LudoBites
Chef Ludovic “Ludo” Lefebvre is writing his own restaurant rulebook and reinventing American classics. Named one of the World’s 50 Greatest Chefs by Relais & Chateaux, Ludo is renowned for his ability to combine Old World simplicity and New World imagination. After completing his classical training in his native France, Lefebvre arrived in Los Angeles in 1996 and quickly made a name for himself as the Executive Chef at L’Orangerie and Bastide, two of the city’s most famous and luxurious restaurants. In the fall of 2007, he launched LudoBites, a restaurant that has no permanent address or phone number. LudoBites is a like a club band that goes on tour and “pops-up” in several locations every year. Reservations are only available on the website through Open Table and sell out almost instantly as soon as the locations are announced (solely via Facebook and Twitter). After a short run, LudoBites shuts downs and reopens in a new location. The smash success of this innovative concept has helped usher in the “pop-up” roving gourmet restaurant movement that has seized the imaginations of chefs and diners nationwide. Ludo is the author of the acclaimed cookbook, CRAVE, A Feast of the Five Senses (Regan Books), and has appeared on such television series as Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef. Lefebvre lives in Manhattan Beach, California with his wife and business partner Krissy, an attorney.

Chef Ludo and Krissy in the studio

After training in France for 13 years at Restaurant L’Esperance with Marc Meneau, Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire, Arpege with Alain Passard. and Le Grande Vefour with Guy Martin, Lefebvre moved to Los Angeles to work at L’Orangerie. He was promoted to head chef at the age of 25 and made L’Orangerie one of the top-rated restaurants in California, receiving the Mobil Five Star Award. Lefebvre then moved on to Bastide where he also received the prestigious Mobil Five Star Award. Lefebvre was a nominee for the James Beard Foundation “Rising Chef Award” in 2001 and released his first cookbook, CRAVE, a Feast of the Five Senses in 2005. Always the rebel, Lefebvre has created a guerilla style “pop-up” restaurant event called LudoBites that currently takes place at different locations around Los Angeles. LudoBites has been named to the Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic, Jonathan Gold’s 99 Most Essential Restaurants List for Los Angeles; earning a place in the Top Ten Dishes of 2009 and identified as a dining experience that “may fundamentally change the way we look at restaurants.”

About Krissy Lefebvre, Manager-in-Chief
Kristine “Krissy” Lefebvre is an attorney and Ludo’s business partner in LudoBites. While he handles the menu and kitchen, she handles…everything else. From scouting and contracting potential restaurant locations to managing reservations, marketing and staffing, Krissy keeps LudoBites running smoothly. Krissy worked her way through college as a stockbroker and as a model through law school. After receiving her law degree, she served as a top level attorney at several major companies. Her background in business and law makes her well suited for a job that requires her to wear many hats. Her credentials also secured her a position to compete on The Apprentice, where she completed 11 out of 12 tasks before being “fired” in the boardroom during the sixth season of the hit TV show. A self-described “Army brat,” Krissy spent the majority of her childhood in Hawaii and Denver. In her spare time, Krissy is actively involved in philanthropic work and serves on the Board of Directors for the charity C.H.A.S.E. for Life, which provides CPR training for new mothers. Krissy is also a new mother herself, as she and husband Ludo welcomed twins in April 2011.

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