Kirsten Vangsness from CBS’s Criminal Minds joins us live in studio

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Join us live this Monday, June 17th,  as we welcome Kirsten Vangsness from CBS’s Criminal Minds! She will be joining us live in the studio to talk about her hit TV show as well as her new Kickstarter campaign for her new film Kill Me Deadly (see below). Joining as co-host will be Brendan Bradley.

Click here to listen to the show live on UBN Radio between 9 and 11am PST or click here to listen to the show in archives after the broadcast.

About Kirsten

In Spring 2011, Kirsten Vangsness got to play double duty in her role as Penelope Garcia, portraying the character on CRIMINAL MINDS and the spinoff series, “Criminal Minds:  Suspect Behavior,” on CBS.  Vangsness’ previous television credits include “Phil of the Future” and “LAX.”

Her film credits include the independent film “A-List” and the comedic thriller “In My Sleep.”

Vangsness has been acting on stage since she was very young.  She received numerous awards and scholarships in both high school and college for acting, and also attended the prestigious California State Summer School of the Arts.  After graduating from Cal State Fullerton, Vangsness began performing in plays and improvisation in Los Angeles.  She has been a member of numerous theater companies in Hollywood, and is currently an active member of Theatre of NOTE, where has served as president of the Art Board and also earned the coveted Golden Betty Award.  Vangsness’ work has garnered her the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Natalie Schafer Award for “Best Emerging Comic Actress.”  In 2007, she starred in the West Coast premiere of Neil LaBute’s “Fat Pig” at the Geffen Playhouse, for which she received a “Best Actress” Garland Award.

In addition to acting, Vangsness has written various performance art pieces that have been seen throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.  She also has an affinity for making and “re-designing” her own clothes.  Vangsness continues to volunteer at elementary schools, where she reads and teaches after-school improvisation and acting classes.

Vangsness was born and raised in California and lives in Los Angeles.  Her birth date is July 7.  Follow her on Twitter at @Vangsness


Click Here to visit the Kickstarter campaign page for Kill Me Deadly


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    I’d love to know what playing Penelope has taught her about herself,


    Question for Kirsten, Which do you prefer; theater, tv or film? And do you still find time for theater with doing the 2 tv shows?


    Lucia Wara-Goss

    I gained seventy-five pounds on Psych meds. What’s your secret to looking so hot?


    Do you identify with Penelope, her insecurities, defense mechanisms etc? How has playing her, changed how you look at the world?


    Q for kirsten, I know you love playing Garcia, and acting in your plays but which has been you fav character to play?


    Q for kirsten non acting related.. I live by a two motos “keep smiling its the best medicine” and “The people who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter” what motor or advice helps or has helped you in life and what advice would you give to people??


    Your film kill me deadly looks so awesome was wondering what has you most excited about it?? Is there a paticular part you loved shooting that you can’t wait for people to see??Donate people its noir comedy and looks bloody fantastic, looks like it will have you smiling from ear to ear so go donate help Kirsten out and feel fantastic knowing you have helped make millons of people smile x

    K. Taylor

    In all your awesomeness, where do you draw inspiration? And how do you stay positive on a regular basis?


    Hello Kirsten, My question (s) What inspired you to get into acting, & how did you get discovered? Is CM your first tv show? On CM, I’ve heard you be called PGM, What does PGM stand for? I think you’re awesome & you rock!


    What’s her favourite Garcia outfit and hair colour. And why? Xx

    Brinda Andrews

    You have so much energy! I was so impressed with your play Mess! Will you be writing more plays, trying your hand at film writing or did you write some of KILL ME DEADLY? I can’t seem to find an answer to that question anywhere? I ‘m so excited to see you in a femme fatale role…very different than MESS! This is truly astounding and I am excited to be a part of it! Keep it rolling! If deadline is not made( God forbid) will you extend to a new one? You’re going to make it with all those awesome actors with you! You betcha! Love xoxo Brinda

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