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This Thursday, June 13th, The Baub Show will be surging with testosterone as we welcome Chris Carmack from ABC’s hit show, Nashville. Chris will be bringing his guitar and performing a few tracks!

Also joining us live in the studio, the creator of Around The World For Free and winner of The Amazing Race, Alex Boylan and his producing partner, from Survivor: Pearl Islands, Burton Roberts. Joining as co-host and familiar with traveling around the world with a camera following him, will be, Jeff Schroeder.

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He is best known by global audiences as Luke on the first season of The O.C., In 2005, Carmack became a model for Ezra Fitch, a limited upscale label sold at Abercrombie & Fitch and currently, he can be seen on in ABC drama series Nashville as Will, a sexy and charming country singer and guitar player.

Chris Carmack is best known by global audiences as Luke on the first season of The O.C. and in 2005, when he became a model for Ezra Fitch, a limited upscale label sold at Abercrombie & Fitch. Currently, he can be seen in the ABC drama series
Nashville as Will, a sexy and charming country singer and guitar player.

Alex BoylanAlex Boylan

Alex is no stranger to adventure. He won CBS’s “The Amazing Race 2,” a chance of lifetime in which he and his childhood friend circumnavigated the globe in a month. Alex quickly went on to create, host and produce numerous TV, online, and documentary projects.

In 2004, Alex hosted his first series At The Chef’s Table that went one to be the highest rated food series on PBS during its airing. In 2005 and 2006 Alex produced and hosted Health Corner’s “What’s Cooking with Alex” segment along with Animal Attraction Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 for the Emmy award winning production company: PineRidge Film and Television.

Alex’s passion for surfing drove him to create and produce the DVD series Dropping In: Panama and Dropping In: El Salvador. Both documentaries follow surfers as they traverse lands lost in time in search of the perfect wave.

He then partnered with Burton Roberts and Zsolt Luka to create Around The World Productions. The first project of the company was the revolutionary multi-platform interactive series Around The World For Free. Around The World For Free launched live and held weekly updates on the CBS Early Show and was broadcasted daily online and to select mobile networks. This series was then sold to WGN America and aired as 11 one-hour episodes. The series brought in top advertisers like Sony, Priceline, Snapple, and Nikon. Next the series was distributed internationally by Shine Reveille and is airing in over 15 markets around the world.

Alex and Around The World Productions went on to host and produce the successful interactive series Rach to the Resue for The Rachael Ray Show. This series won a Webby Award.

Currently Alex and Around The World Productions are working on multiple projects from a series with the Boy Scouts of America to destination content for Travel Channel and many things in between.

A true world traveler, at the age of sixteen Alex left his hometown of Boston to spend a year playing semi-pro soccer for the club “Campinesse” in Campina Grande, Brazil. At nineteen he left for Munich, Germany to work for the President of Sales for Wonderware GmbH.

Before graduating with a B.S in International Business from Jacksonville University, Alex helped the soccer program win the conference tournament while making a run to the NCAA Division 1 Sweet Sixteen.

Alex’s passion for travel has taken him to over 50 countries around the world.

Burton RobertsBurton Roberts

In the summer of 2003, Burton was chosen to be on SURVIVOR Pearl Islands which gave him some insight into the entertainment industry. After that, Burton started a production company focused on reality TV and travel production. He created, financed, and produced Camp Reality which he sold to FOX Reality in 2006 and then partnered up with Alex and Zsolt to create Around The World Productions. He is also CEO, producer, and host of the Yacht Channel, an Internet portal and original content production company based around the yachting industry.

Burton went to college at Southern Methodist University and earned degrees in business and philosophy, before working for Price Waterhouse LLC (systems consulting) and then made a move to the internet industry where he started as the seventh employee and became the VP of Marketing and PR for Savvis Communications (NASDAQ: SVVS – a national Internet Service Provider). Focused on learning more about business and earning his MBA, Burton attended the Kellogg Graduate School of Business and graduated in 2000 when he moved west to San Francisco to work for Marc Andreessen’s company, Loudcloud, in the heart of Silicon Valley. After three years working in internet technology there, he moved to Los Angeles where he is currently residing in Santa Monica.

Burton’s passion and love for the outdoors has given him a chance to participate in just about every adventurous activity out there, including hunting, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, SCUBA diving, swimming, sky diving, bungee jumping, snowboarding/skiing, horseback riding, mountain climbing and adventure racing (raced in the Eco-Challenge Fiji in 2002). His passion for travel has led him to over 45 countries on 6 continents around the world.

Burton was also a contestant on the competition based Bravo show, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, recently featured as an inspirational “story teller” in the movie The Compass, and can be found in Spirit of Adventure: Eagle Scouts and the Making of America’s Future (Burton earned his Eagle Scout award at age 14).

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    Bob, what an excellent group of guests. Can’t wait to hear about Alex and Burton’s future projects and hope he’ll follow up on Missions in Action progress. Looking forward to hearing Chris sing as well.


    Looking forward to the show on Thursday! We get to hear some music from Chris & a little about the show Nashville & an added bonus of hearing what projects that Alex & Burton have lined up plus we get to hear from you & Jeff! All good in my book 🙂

    Sue Bruce

    Bob, this show was awesome! It was so good to hear some of the back stories from Alex & Burton about their projects they’ve done. Chris is an amazing singer and seems like the nicest guy. Thanks for having such great guests on your shows!

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