Keaton Simons, “Beatiful Pain”

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5/ 5

Singer Songwriter:
Artist: Keaton Simons
Label: Red Boot PR
Producers: Keaton Simons


Beautiful Pain and Black and White
Worth getting

This is my test review. Blah blah blah!

by Bob Merrick
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KS_BeautifulPain_AlbumCover_Final copy

This is my test review. Blah blah blah! Keaton Simons has a degree in ethnomusicology (the study of world music). Curtis Peoples calls his style of music “coffee shop/arena rock.” At first glance, these two may seem an odd pair for a mid-week one-night stint at the Hotel Utah. The truth is, though, that the two have been friends (and sharing stages) for years. Both are LA-based singer/songwriters with mostly acoustic sets and guitars, sprinkled with a little piano here and there, and both have been so hard at work on new albums that neither has been to the Bay Area in at least a year. And both have fans that were happy to skip the Giants game in favor of a night’s worth of their music.

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