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JC ChasezTomorrow morning, December 18th, NSYNC’s JC Chasez stops by the studio with his hot new girl group Girl Radical to talk about their new music and why he is taking his next chapter behind the scenes instead of behind the microphone!

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Girl Radical was born of the radical idea to introduce the first Supermassive American Girl Group! Overflowing with talent, the only thing greater than these girls’ talent is the charm of their personalities and their love for each other, because Girl Radical isn’t just an act, it’s a family.

Inspired by the trend of giant girl groups in Japan, JC Chasez (NSYNC, America’s Best Dance Crew) and Golden Globe-winning, Grammy-nominated songwriter Jimmy Harry (Madonna, P!nk, Britney Spears) searched for talent from all walks of life to assemble a phenomenal ensemble of singers, dancers, and personalities. The result was not just another pop group, but a game-changing wild card in modern music.

These sweethearts are earning love from fans across the world, singing and dancing their way onto airwaves and computer screens all over. They are a community of dreamers who support one another and are always looking for new ways to express themselves. Part girl group, part flash mob, and all personality: Girl Radical is so much more than just another band. Join the Girl Radical family on our adventure to sing, dance, and do something radical for the world, and always remember that everyone and anyone can be a Girl Radical!



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