Gwyneth Paltrow with Julia Turshen, “It’s All Good”

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One of my favorite people I became friends with last summer while I was on location working on Iron Man 3, was Julia Turshen.

It is rare when someone says, “I can’t wait for you to meet this person, you are going to fall in love with them”, that the person lives up to the hype.

Well she did. And then some.

So in addition to supporting my friend, I also take a small sense of pride in the book as I was often printing out the latest drafts of their recipes, because yes, I can attest that Gwyneth would in fact go home and test them out after a day of shooting.

All bias aside, it is a beautiful cookbook with some wonderfully healthy recipes that wipe away the notion that healthy = boring and saw dust.

Click on the image to purchase your copy from Amazon.

You can also listen below to my interview with Julia…

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