Comedienne, Deven Green

Posted March 18, 2012 by Bob Merrick in Guests

March 25, 2012 – It was branded as one of our all time funniest shows the last time she stopped by with her husband Joel. This time, Deven Green joins us with her Ukulele and a grenade full of laughs!

Deven Green is an award-winning comedian based in Los Angeles via Canada.  You may be familiar with Betty Bowers – America’s Best Christian or her ‘Welcome To My …’ online parodies.  You have seen her with husband and comedy partner, Joel Bryant, performing live from the stages of Vegas, to the troops overseas, to maximum security prisons.  Deven also plays live music weekly from parlours to private shows – look at her schedule if you wish to hear songs from the 1920s to 1980s lounge-style.

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