Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 2/5/12

Posted February 5, 2012 by Sherry Layne in Recap

Madonna, how’d you feel about your Super Bowl performance?

We might have had less cross-dressing acrobats and crotch shots, but this Sunday’s podcast was a real touchdown! (I’m told that’s a good thing.)

Links, videos, and other non-footbally things after the jump!

Bob instantly trumped my squid dissection story with news that he’ll be hosting GVBRadio‘s red carpet show for the Academy Awards, where I’m certain Bob will ask George Clooney if he knows a squid’s spine is called a pen.

We kept the applause button going for the smart, funny, and fantastic Jodie Sweetin, who is, according to teenage Bob, best known for being in the same room as Jason Bateman…

There were a lot of laughs mixed with lots of candor. One minute we’d be trying to decide whether or not your head pops out of your ass when you turn 30, and the next Jodie would be chronicling her years of addiction fueled by trying to be anything other than “the girl from Full House.” We discussed working with Team True Beauty, learning the difference between peace and boredom, the real hazards of being a child actor, Can’t Get Arrested the webseries with Dave Coulier, and what watching a movie by herself truly means to a mom.

After a very special Getting to Know You: Stephanie Tanner edition, Jodie and I gave French and Saunders a lesson in comedy with our reading of “I am a Tip-Top Starlet.”

(But really, check out the French and Saunders version. It’s absolutely fabulous…)

Madonna’s book “Slut” wasn’t on our list of favorite things, but these things were: Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson and his love of scavenger hunts, Breaking Bad (seriously, have you watched it yet?), and Sizzle Says getting engaged!

Jodie plugged the 24 Hour Hollywood Rush (February 19th) and gave us our way to make the world a better place: lend a hand to a woman with children (she needs it!). And since it was Madonna Bowl Sunday, we closed the show with her new song Give Me All Your Luvin’!

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