Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 1/30/12

Posted February 1, 2012 by Sherry Layne in Recap

Grab your lip-gloss and slap on your Spanx, we’re getting Pretty for this week’s recap!

CLICK HERE to listen to this week’s show. Videos, links, and eyebrow threading tips (not really) after the jump!

I took over the boards as Bob live tweeted about how proud he was of my button pushing skillz (yep, that skillz with a “z”). We chatted about what a hot Snow White I make, Siri destroying Bob’s relationship (did anyone else notice Bob’s impression of his BF sounded a lot like Jan Brady?), snapping secret pictures of Cyndi Lauper, friend of the show Jessie McNamara’s new webseries A Roll in the Hay, Bob’s “My Top 10” podcast, and our nomination in the Shorty awards!

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A botched musical intro later (it was my first day!), we went into our Favorite Things. Bob raved about OVO by Cirque du Soleil, and I clowned out over the opening of my new show Everybody Nose Nothing Means Anything and I’m Very Worried. (Special shout out to @tartu85 who tweeted this video, proving just how awesome clowning can be!)

We blew out the audio for the first of many times introducing the cast of Pretty the webseries to the studio–more specifically Sam Pancake, Dee Freeman, Michael Taylor Gray, and Brendan Bradley! We were soon discussing Sam’s Blaire Warner impression, the success of Bob and Dee’s friend Octavia Spencer, the awesome cameos in Pretty, fantasy bromancing, Squatters and Brendan’s 6 pack abs, Michael’s 6 packs 9 lives calendar, and Arrested Development movie updates.

We barely heard the phone ringing through the giggling. On the line was creator of Pretty Steve Silverman, who was calling all the way from his sick bed. We didn’t want to keep him too long, but we did learn where the concept of Pretty came from, where Stacy McQueen was hiding out (Hardee’s), and how tragic the death of Tania Jones was… if you were a crazy General Hospital superfan.

After blowing out the sound AGAIN while discussing our sex lives as movie titles, we got some random acts of kindness for the week: from Bauble Barb we learned to help that elderly person looking for assistance at the supermarket, and from Michael we learned to just make eye contact with a stranger and smile.

Sam plugged his show Strong Choices (February 3rd and 4th) and Brendan took off his shirt…

…I mean plugged his Squatcast, before we said goodbye with “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” (Why? Why not!).

And check out this sneak peek of Pretty’s Season 3 finale!

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