Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 1/8/12

Posted January 10, 2012 by Sherry Layne in Recap

Feed a cold.
Starve a fever.
Baub Show anytime.

However you’re feeling, curl up to our latest podcast with the sickly sweet Leslie Jordan! (Either “sickly sweet” is a great compliment, or the Robitussin’s finally kicking in.)

Keep reading for links, photos, and my cold-induced ramblings.

The first show of 2012! Bob and I caught up… after all, it had been a WHOLE YEAR since we’ve talked (I bet no one has ever used that joke before). We discussed our holidays, wedding dress shopping with the anti-Bridezilla, and how quote, “my immune system is awesome.” (I must have jinxed it because now my immune system looks like this…)

We played a little Olivia Newton-John’s “Sordid Lives” to welcome our big guest, actor / Southern gentleman Leslie Jordan!

The ultimate storyteller, Leslie chronicled working with David E. Kelley but never meeting him, death predictions with Betty White, stealing parts away from Joan Collins, sneaking in the only ad-libbed line ever allowed on Will & Grace, and how he earned the titled of Freezer Queen! (It’s not the best quality, but here’s the screen grab from Boston Legal…)

(And here’s what that frozen dinner below his chin reads…)

He touched on the dreaded Sibilant S, struggling with internal homophobia, his love letter to Lily Tomlin, going “ridin’,” and how gay men become their mothers (which is the subject of his newest one-man show Fruit Fly at the Celebration Theatre!)

Bob gave us a taste of his own dinner party list before we got to hear who Leslie would invite (Mom, cover your ears for the last one). Leslie sent us off with a way to make the world a better place: take an interest, participate, and vote. And closing the show was Tammy Wynette (Bob pronounced it “Whynot?” Why not indeed!) “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad”.

Need more of a Leslie fix? Buy yourself a copy of My Trip Down the Pink Carpet.

See you next week! (Well, that’s if I’ve stopped seeing spots by then).

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