Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 1/15/12

Posted January 19, 2012 by Sherry Layne in Recap

Like, Oh My God! You totally missed our latest 80s-tastic episode with Martika?

Duh! Stream the podcast here and keep reading for my bitchin’ recap. I promise to stop talking like this… Psych! (No, but really, I’ll stop.)

Bob and I started the show off with a rock. But it wasn’t a rock…

…it was my Favorite Thing of the Week! I was way too giddy over Bob’s birthday present to me: getting to see the B-52s LIVE in concert! (Which could only have been more awesome if it were an all Muppet version of the B-52s [Note to self: construct Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson Muppets].)

Bob gabbed about his favorite things, including a new KitchenAid sausage attachment (don’t be dirty), margaritas and Chico’s Angles (they’re dirty enough for everybody), the return of Absolutely Fabulous (pass the dirty martini, sweetie darling), and a touching video of elephants Jenny and Shirley that will send you reaching for the tissues (stop being dirty and play the video)…

Bob may be 27 years old (you’re welcome for that, Bob), but he was instantly transformed into his 14-year-old self when singer / incorporated kid Martika called in! She discussed why she had hung up the “Martika” hat, what it was like working with Prince, being big sisterly to the kids of Kids Incorporated, the possibility of joining the NKOTBSB European tour, her new album “The Mirror Ball,” and wanting to spread positivity through music. She gave us both a little Spanish lesson (“deniro” does not mean “your welcome”) and a live snippet from her new single “Flow with the Go” (which should be dropping any moment now!).

With her vocal chords warmed up, Bob challenged her to Don’t Forget the Lyrics and promptly melted as she belted out “Cross My Heart.” We pondered what Prince meant by “J Boy” in “Martika’s Kitchen” and then realized we were almost out of time.

We got this week’s ways to make the world a better place courtesy of Bauble Deena Jakes: hold the door open for the person behind you, if someone in line has just a few items let them go first, and say thank you to waiters, store clerks, and other such awesome people. And as Bob passed out in a happiness coma, we said goodbye with “Strobe Light” by… the B-52s!

For updates on Martika’s latest single and other news, check her out on Twitter or Facebook.

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