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Posted November 16, 2011 by Bob Merrick in Contests

As you know, I have been very open about needing to raise $5,000 to help pay for our show’s new expenses. So in an attempt to make it worth your while, instead of just a flat donation (which is of course ALWAYS welcome), we have decided to make a little raffle. Big Brother and Amazing Race favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd will be calling in to The Baub Show on Sunday November 20th for the full hour and have graciously trusted me to connect them with a few of their fans! During that time, we will be pulling 5 names out of a bowl and calling 5 lucky winners (one at a time) who will have the opportunity to say hi, express love or ask a question directly to Jeff and Jordan. updated: Jeff has decided to up the ante and is throwing in 5 autographs from the couple as well. DOUBLE UPDATE: because many of you have expressed interest, but don’t feel comfortable saying hi on the show, the winners will be drawn live on the air and the calls will be scheduled for a later time in private.


Want to be entered for the raffle? Easy! For every $5 you donate to the show, your name will be entered one time (meaning if you donate $5, your name will be entered once and if you donate $50, your name will be entered 10 times).


To make it easy, you can donate via PayPal either by clicking this link or pressing the DONATE NOW button in the far right column of (in the comment section of the donation, be sure and type your name and phone number). If you prefer to send a check, you can send your donations to:

The Baub Show w/Bob & Sherry
c/o Global Voice Broadcasting

Sunset Bronson Studios
5800 Sunset Blvd – Bldg. 10
Hollywood, CA 90028

please make checks payable to Bob Merrick

All donations must be received by MIDNIGHT Friday November 18th, 2011 to be entered into the raffle (we will need time to print out and cut all of the names for the drawing which will happen live on the air (via U-stream) during the broadcast. Please be sure and listen in live that night and are near your phone in case you win! If you win, we will only be able to attempt to call you once during the show. If no one answers, we will draw an additional name out of the bowl until 5 winners have had a chance to say hi to Jeff and Jordan!

And of course if you don’t want to be entered for the call, you can still donate. Just be sure and mention in the comment of PayPal that you are just donating out of love and would not like to be included in the raffle.


If we get lucky and exceed our $5,000 goal, I have already promised Jeff and Jordan to pay for our next fishing trip and margarita party. If we get REALLY lucky, we will make a donation to Jeff and Jordan’s favorite charity (he has a soft spot for those animal commercials with he Sarah McLachlan song). So donate away and hopefully, your phone will be ringing on November 20, 2011!

Disclaimer: this is all in an effort to make fundraising for The Baub Show fun. Your name and number will NOT be used for anything other than this raffle. Once the raffle is over, all numbers will be shredded and you will NOT be added to any solicitation lists. Since this is not a non-profit show, there is not an option for a receipt for your taxes. Guests availability is subject to change due to their schedules. Should the show not be available for broadcast on November 20th, a rescheduled date will be publicized. Unfortunately due to time constraints via the radio station, we will not be able to accommodate more than 5 phone calls during the show. Based on the success of this, there is always a chance to try this again on a future episode.

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    Why not also auction off a fishing trip for two with you, Jeff, Jordan, and Lance Bass to the highest bidder starting at $250. Bet you’ll raise more than you need really fast.


    Can I win a phone call from Gus if I donate?


    Is this contest only for US residents or can anyone enter?

    Akira Strong

    what if i got picked what will happen?will i get a call knowing i won or is it a surprise?

    Akira Strong

    how can u donate


    This Sunday will be so exciting!! Great idea!

    Rod Woolard

    Jeff and Jordan are my favorites on Big Brother! They seem like genuinely fun people to hang with!


    how can you watch or listen to the show if you are from all the way in BC?!?!


    It streams on the world wide web, so anyone can listen from anywhere at

    lisa cowles

    I just made a donation and forgot to put my name & # in the comments area. I sent you an email so I hope you get it and can add my name and #.


    Hey Bob can you ask them what their real opinion is of the Facebook ” Big Brother 13 Team Jordeff” page. I would like to make sure they’re actually happy with it not disappointed. Thanks, Bob. ~ Team Jordeff page owner Jenny

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