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What do you do on a drizzly day? Listen to the newest Baub Show podcast!

What do you do on a grizzly day? Well, if there are grizzlies everywhere, you should RUN! (…to a computer and read my recap of the newest episode. Which you better read fast because I think there’s a bear looking over your shoulder…)

Shytown opening!

photo by Bob Merrick

Willa Ford singing live at the Viper Room during her first live show in 9 years

Bob asked what I did last night (FINALLY! All I want is him to notice me…), and I informed him of my Elmo hands debacle–the most dangerous of all debacles one can have performing at children’s parties. Speaking of bears, Bob was looking extra manly with his neck scruff and explained that he’s participating in Movember to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Then we decided to get bad–no, not Michael Jackson “Bad” and definitely not Gigli bad–but “I Wanna Be Bad” bad.

Luckily, we had none other than Willa Ford herself in the studio! Fresh from her first musical performance in 9 years at The Viper Room, we talked about her return to music, getting reinspired, opera vs. shaking her booty (she even treated us to a little live opera), Muffember (Willa’s idea to raise ovarian cancer awareness), and why I shouldn’t be allowed to ask questions (I just wanted to learn more about Pants-Off Dance-Off, and think it would be the perfect pairing with Wii’s Just Dance: Just Dance Your Pants Off! It practically sells itself!)

She debuted a NEW song from Willa & The Breaks called “Back Back Back”, and thanks to the wonders of this internet thing, you can find it on YouTube already:

(Make sure you add a comment that you listened to it on The Baub Show!)

Of course, we had to get bad again… GaGa-oo-la-la? No, not “Bad Romance”. But a completely new acoustic version of “I Wanna Be Bad” LIVE from the Viper Room (you’ll have to listen to the podcast for this one).

Taking the seat next to Willa was her husband and hockey superstar (is that the one on ice?) Mike Modano to play The Baub Show Newlywed Game! Many dirty words later, it was clear they have a pretty awesome relationship.

Willa belted out a little Julie Andrews to get us into Our Favorite Things of The Week, which included meeting a new sister-in-law, Breaking Bad, getting to watch his wife perform on stage for the first time (Mike Modano scoring some husband points!), and the album The Electro Swing Revolution Volume 2 featuring “Booty Swing” by Parov Stelar. (Hey, you! If you can think of a catchy title for this segment and send it to, you might just win a Baub Show bumper sticker!)

Mike Modano, Bob, Me and Willa Ford

9021-Oh, yes, Ryan Rottman was on the phone! He talked about this week’s big episode on 90210 that puts his character at the alter with another man, playing “gay”, and his new web series Your Friends Will Never Believe You (find the Lance Bass episode here), featuring a new episode with a new celebrity every two weeks! We wrapped it up with a few ways to make the world a better place: buy the person in front of you their soda if they don’t have the cash, leave a favorite book in a cafe for another person to enjoy, or take the time to talk with a senior citizen. We invited Willa back to talk about her new show Magic City (coming in 2012), and went out on Bob’s Favorite Thing of the Week “Booty Swing”.

For being Bad so many times, it was a Good show! See you next week!

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    Thank you SO MUCH for having Willa back on the show!! Her new music was AMAZING and so much better than the usual fair from the current crop of A-list pop diva’s! She is an authentic, cool human being! I loved the banter between you guys, but can you imagine my delight to not just hear her sing opera and talking about her new band, but to actually get to LISTEN to two of her beautiful songs (since I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend what I heard was an AWESOME show Nov. 5)! I look forward to her return to the studio and thank you, thank you, thank you for having her back promoting her new stuff!! Also, LOVED the Willa/Mike Newlywed segment! They are such a great couple!


    Sherry Layne you are AMAZING! So is your podcast! LOVE IT!


    Oh i love Willa, her new song is amazing

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