We popped our cork!

Posted October 17, 2011 by Bob Merrick in Recap


with Sherry Layne, Eric Johnson from Shytown and our Angel Champagne!

Sherry will be doing our official recap later this evening, but I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who tuned in to our debut episode on Global Voice Radio! The show went off without a hitch and Gavin Degraw brought his generous charm to the show! Many thanks to Eric and Danny from Shytown who created our brand new theme song and for Chris who brought us in the most fantastic bottle of Angel Champagne that I have ever tasted! If you missed the show, you can stream it right now here or you can download it on iTunes by clicking here. Since this is a new iTunes link, we need subscribers and comments, so please leave your feedback on the iTunes page and let others know what you think about the new show!

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