Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 10/23/11

Posted October 24, 2011 by Sherry Layne in Recap

Hey, me, how was 3 hours of non-stop face painting instead of co-hosting The Baub Show?20111024-231218.jpgFirst of all, nice hat. Second of all, mosey on over to iTunes, round up the podcast, and lasso a recap by its horns, buckaroo. Third of all, holster the western puns already.

Cue the theme song from Shytown! (You haven’t checked them out yet?! Click here… I’ll wait…)

After sobbing for 20 minutes about how much he missed me (this may or may not exist solely in my imagination), Bob wiped a final tear from his eye and introduced the awesomely hilarious Nadya Ginsburg and Selene Luna (a name Bob just couldn’t seem to wrap his tongue around). We’ve got videos and more after the jump!

Selene talked about breaking into burlesque as a little person, taking on the boys’ club that is stand-up comedy, and how she’d love to try some Angel Champagne (remember to tweet @angel_champagne about partying with The Baub Show!!!).

Madonna–I mean–Cher–I mean–Nadya chronicled catching a red eye flight to meet Al Roker thanks to her hit “Al Roker Face”…

…discussed why she chose comedy over becoming the next Madonna, and gabbed about the newly released “Modified” video with Jonny McGovern starring Melanie Hutsell. TAB sighting at 02:13!

(Go ahead and buy the song here… I can wait again…)

But that’s not all! Friend of the show Ashley Arrison crashed the studio to talk about everybody’s favorite things of the week, including Kelly Clarkson’s new song Standing In Front Of You (with a personal note from writer of the song Aben Eubanks), the documentary Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, potstickers at Kabuki and, wait, what, Dancing With The Stars?! Oh, Ashley!

You want more? Okay, humming along with “Hold Onto My Heart” was singer/songwriter Graham Colton calling in to tell Bob all about the freedom of being an independent artist, the release of the album PACIFIC COAST EYES VOL. 2, and to award one lucky fan (congratulations Cara Konieczny, a name Bob REALLY couldn’t wrap his tongue around!) with an autographed CD for knowing about his current green tour where he’s visiting the country in a van that ditches diesel for compressed natural gas.

Finally, Bob found out what Helen Keller and Bill Clinton have in common before saying goodbye to the packed studio with his favorite song of Graham’s “1981”.

Whoa Nellie, I reckon I best be makin’ the next show! See y’all then, ya hear!

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