New show, new attitude.

Posted October 7, 2011 by Bob Merrick in News

Well, I don’t think my attitude was so bad before, so maybe the attitude is the same, but there are plenty other news! I wonder if that is how the word news was created? Someone just listing new things! I digress…

First off, I am excited to be welcoming Sherry Layne as my permanent co-host. Sherry is one of my favorite people and was the first person I brought on board when LiveVideo originally approached me about creating The Baub Show. Having spent the last two years with rotating co-hosts, I was beginning to feel more like Murphy Brown with her assistants and felt it was time I settled down with just one. I hope you find her as entertaining as I do. And never worry, all of your favorite co-hosts that you have come to know and love will be making plenty of appearances. After all, they are the characters that fill my life!

Secondly, we have a new home. Beginning Sunday October 16th, we will be broadcasting on a brand new internet STATION, which means any device you own that can stream the internet will be able to hear our show. We are the latest baby in the family of Global Voice Broadcasting and I couldn’t imagine a better environment to be taking the show to the next level. It means better sound and wider audience reach, not to mention we’ll be rubbing elbows with Judge Judy as we’ll be broadcasting from the same lot that she tapes her show. As the Jefferson’s would sing, we are “movin’ on up”!

Thirdly, as you can see, I have built a brand new website. I wanted there to be more interactivity with my Baubles so you could leave comments, feedback and questions for upcoming guests and events. I am still trying to figure out when, how and if there will be a live chatroom. It may not be built into the site, but I am sure I will come up with something. Feeling the connection from my listeners is why I have made the commitment to do this week after week.

Fourthly, all of this new fabulousness comes at a cost. I am thinking of ways to raise money to pay for my first year on the air (I have big dreams for sponsors moving forward). At this point, I need to raise $5,000. I am thinking if I can get every person that reads this to donate just $5, it should be smooth sailing. But I have a feeling prizes are going to be a little more enticing. So far I have Jeff and Jordan and Lance Bass on board. Stay tuned to see who and what else I come up with. Or if you are just feeling inspired, there is a donate button over there to the right just begging to be pushed!

I am coordinating with a few guests and their schedules for the coming weeks. But bookmark this blog and keep checking back. I should be announcing soon (possibly even by day’s end) who our first guest will be on October 16th. In the meantime, know that I am tremendously thankful that you have all supported me for the last two and a half years, by showing up, downloading, commenting, tweeting and connecting. This show has always been my dream and I never anticipated I would find so many awesome people that would help me make it a reality. Thank you!


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    Hi Bob! Looking forward to all your guests, (particularly Jeff & Jordan, my fave’s..), and your new fancy set up! So excited about the live streaming! That will be awesome and take the show to a whole different and exciting level! Looking forward to October 16th & your first guest! ~ Mary : )


    Congrats on the new show Baub! Can’t wait to see who you’re guests will be!


    I’m excited and proud of your new accomplishments. Your attitude has always been the main reason I enjoyed your show. Negativeness is such a waste of energy!! It will be great to check in with your new show. I wish you great success!!! I enjoy our twitter humor, too!! Can’t wait to hear about your guests!! Have fun and don’t forget the little people as you rise to the top!!! lol


    The way your face lights up when you, Jeff and Jordan get together is the way my face lit up when I saw we would see more of you! I wish you the very best. You surely deserve it! You are so loved. It’s true. loving brings more love!

    PS closed my FB temp till I learn how to use it. LOL thanks for your help though.
    Lots of love and success, Peggy

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