Halloween Special with Neve Campbell and Phil Nigash

Posted October 29, 2011 by Bob Merrick in Guests

We are planning to have a spooktacular time with the always amazing Neve Campbell and food loving podcaster, Phil Nigash! Be sure and click here to submit your favorite Neve Campbell quote from any of her movies (we have a little game in mind for her) and check out Phil’s brand new annual Halloween podcast right here!


About Phil In His Own Words:

My name is Phil, and this is my life as a foodie.

I’m curious about food. I’m curious about where it’s been, how it’s processed, what I can do with it, and why so many people are afraid to go into their kitchens and cook it. It’s not like you really have to do much. Mother nature does most of the work. All we have to do is show up.

I love food. I love to cook it, eat it, think about it, shoot pictures of it, talk and write about it. I’m not a professional chef, but when I’m not working, I’m in the kitchen, or planning on being in the kitchen.

I have a passion for food, and I’m doing my best to bring that passion to this blog, the podcast, and the various videos that we shoot. I try to share the wide variety of food available to everyone, not just people in high-density areas, and dispell any myths about food from other cultures being ‘weird’ or bad for your health. Trust me, people in countries like China and India have been re-inventing food for hundreds of years. Even pasta came from Asia, long before the Italians staked a claim to it.

When I first started the podcast in the early Summer of 2007, I did not know exactly where I was going with it. As it has evolved, it’s become a platform for me to investigate the food issues of my country, and the world. I have become a steadfast proponent of community farming, farmers markets, growers, and farmers rights. I feel that farmers choose one of the most under-appreciated career paths of any other available, and I appreciate everything they do to bring fresh food to my table.

I urge all of you to get involved in your local community farms. Buy your produce there, as much and as often as you can. Buy local, eat local, save the planet, save the whales, etc.

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