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April 3, 2011-Celebrating the release of his brand new album, Pacific Coast Eyes, Graham Colton is calling in for a very special SUNDAY evening show! Please make note of this special day and time (6pm PST/9pm EST). Graham will be discussing his new album as well as the CD’s release party tomorrow night in Los Angeles at the acclaimed Hotel Cafe!

“I’ve never felt more like myself than I have on this album. I found myself, and I finally found my voice,” the singer, songwriter and guitarist Graham Colton says of the forthcoming CD, Here Right Now.

Don’t call it a simple return. Call it a metamorphosis, a deep progression, an inspired evolution or – perhaps most fitting – a rewarding exercise in self-actualization. Stepping into his own in order to connect to his heart and artistic vision, Graham Colton has emerged with a stunning collection of pop-rock melodies, lyrics and emotions in 12 tracks that swing between love and heartbreak, trials and relief.

“The last album I made with my band was heavily influenced by what we all loved listening to and the artists we toured with. Looking back, it was hard for me to identify who I was as an artist in that situation. I had to learn how to be a performer and a songwriter in my own right before I could find my true self to make the album I really wanted to, which is now completely natural and one-hundred percent honest,” Colton explains.

Although it can be said that the power of the story is in the telling, it’s the tale itself that inspires the story to be told. Performance and delivery make up only one half of the equation; the other half is the feeling and emotion that inspires the creation of melodies and lyrics. That substance is the product of lessons learned over hundreds of shows and thousands of miles traveled, and the distance in between.

In the first single, Best Days, Colton sings, “It’s a winding road/it’s a long way home.” His explanation? “I think that is what the last four years have been in my life, with touring the country and playing everywhere from bars to clubs to theaters to arenas. It was all a great dress rehearsal because I feel like it took that time – and it took those relationships whether they were with girlfriends, band members or meeting other bands on the road – to really find their way into these new songs. They just kind of lived in my suitcase as I was traveling the country, writing the songs, working with people, learning new things and listening to new music. Then it just kind of dwindled down to what I thought were the most honest and pure songs that I have ever written.”

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